Shimla – The Mother Nature

My journey to Shimla started 3 years back, when I rejected an offer letter from a reputed software company in Hyderabad & got admission in masters in Himachal Pradesh University, nestled among the lush green deodar & pine forests of Shimla.
Although I got fascinated by the beauty of the place at the first sight but the city also looked alien to me as I belong to a Punjabi family & people there seemed very calm & culture too is bit different. Ohh… how can I forget to mention that Shimla is also home to some very beautiful girls and that gave me another reason to stay at this beautiful place. ;)

Pic Courtesy: Mr. Hiramani 

After six months I had many friends, as Himachalis are very friendly, polite & down to earth people. We spent almost every day on the shadowed roads, eating butter bun & tea, watching white mist rising up from the pine forest & toy train passing through it. I used to get up early to the chirping of birds & whispering of wind through the deodar trees and evenings were spent in the small wooden shops which serve hot pakoras with chai. A sheer pleasure was watching sunset from the hill top & listening to my favorite classical music.

After 2 years, when we passed out from the university, the city didn't let me leave her. I can never forget this beautiful land, the love of people & colorful culture. I owe something to this land & will try to pay it by helping in sustainable tourism activities.

I advice all the travelers to Shimla, that don’t abuse my beautiful land like “there is nothing in Shimla” or something like that. Don’t visit it like a traveler who just litters here & there and destroy the beauty of a place. But visit like a son visiting his Mother Nature. It will ponder you with all her love & blessings. Try to reach the heart of this place; it has lot more to offer.

Hope you all will help me in caring our Mother Nature. :)