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So you think you've seen everything? 

In our opinion, one has not seen real India until they have not seen an Indian village & lived with the local folks. As more and more youth start looking for job, they start moving towards cities. However, still a large number of population live in villages. The villages of India are its soul. Discover how off the record village life is unlike anything you've ever seen. Breathe fresh air and live in local home. Watch women doing their daily chores in a manner you've never seen.

The villages are socially knit together. Every evening the villagers assemble in the village "Chopal" with their 'hukkas' and chatting and talking goes on till late the night. Most of the people who live in villages are farmers, other works as potters, carpenters, blacksmith. Bull's are used for farming and other activity in field. Women work planting the rice paddy, while the men work pulling bullock carts, tilling new soil etc. 

Bar-be-que Corn
Horse cart - local transport
Though tours are fully customizable, yet we have a standard itinerary below:

Day 01: Delhi – Village (180 km/04 hours)
Arrive at Delhi International Airport. Meet & greet at airport & transfer to village. Reach the hub by late afternoon, check-in your hotel & take some rest. In the evening, get ready for a welcome dinner party having Indian bar-be-que food.

Day 02: Village
Early morning, you will be given a short lesson on yoga by a trained yoga instructor. (optional)
Take a morning stroll to see how millions of Indians spend their early hours either by worshipping God, meditation, yoga or some other activities. After breakfast, you will go to village to see the village life. You will have a chance to talk to the locals, see how village courts work, get a ride on bullock cart, visit a farm land, get some hand on cooking in traditional way, teaching to underprivileged children & much more. Overnight home stay.

Day 03: Village
After breakfast, you will be hosted by a trained cook to get some hands on Indian dishes. The 3 hour class will end up with a good Punjabi lunch. Post lunch, you will be transferred to market to dress up in Indian attire (Pajama Kurta for gentlemen & Saree/Suit for ladies) and ladies may also get some heena tattoos on their hands. 
In the evening, you will be taken on a 3-4 hour food tour in the city. It will be a guided tour describing the different food styles, flavors, spices & some hidden ingredients of an Indian kitchen. You will be interacting with local shop keepers & people.
You may choose to attend an Indian wedding ceremony to see the various Hindu rituals, colorful dresses and vibrant atmosphere. The array of traditional food which includes mouth watering snacks, tasty & diverse main course and not to be missed desserts, will answer all your questions on Indian food.
Day 04: Village-Delhi
After breakfast, check-out from your hotel & you will be transferred back to Delhi for onward journey.

These warm & hospitable people are eagerly waiting to welcome you into their social sphere. 
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